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  • 7x24 全國客服電話:



    作者:在職研究生信息查詢網 來源:在職研究生信息查詢網 上傳時間:2019-11-27

      Section A

      Directions: In this section there are two incomplete dialogues and each dialogue has three blanks and three choices A, B and C, taken from the dialogue. Fill in each of the blanks with one of the choices to complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the Answer sheet.

      Dialogue One

      A. How about you?

      B. Wanna join us?

      C. It’s a long weekend.

      Tina: I’m so glad the weekend’s finally here.

      Lewis: Me too. Imagine! 1 We’ve got three days in a row. Tina: So, where’re you going?

      Lewis: I don’t have any plan yet. I’ll just play it by ear. 2 Tina: We’re going to go hiking and camping in the mountains. Lewis: That sounds exciting!

      Tina: 3

      Lewis: Hm, let me think about it. I’ll let you know later. Dialogue Two

      A. And I’d like the cheapest flight available.

      B. What is your destination?

      C. And when will you be returning?

      Travel Agent: Freedom Travel. How can I help you?

      Caller: Yes, I’d like to make a flight reservation for the twenty-third of this month.

      Travel Agent: Okay. 4

      Caller: Well. I’m flying to Helsinki, Finland.

      Travel Agent: Okay. Let me check what flights are available. 5 Caller: Uh, well, I’d like to catch a return flight on the twenty-ninth. 6 Travel Agent: Okay. Let me see. Um, that’s flight 1070 from Salt Lake City to New York, Kennedy Airport, transferring to flight 90 from Kennedy to Helsinki. It’s

      only $980.

      Caller: Alright, let’s go with that.

      Section B

      Directions: In this section, there is one incomplete interview which has four blanks and four choices A, B, C and D taken from the interview. Fill in each of the blanks with one of the choices to complete the interview and mark your answer on the Answer sheet.

      A. Thanks, Rachel.

      B. That’s what we did.

      C. we were all talking about some TV shows.

      D. it’s a real honor to have you here.

      Maddow: Joining us for the interview is Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state, former senator, former first lady. Secretary Clinton, 7 Thank you for being here.

      Clinton: It’s great to be here with you. 8

      Maddow: What does a person do after 11hours of testimony? You’re the only human being I know of on Earth that has done 11straight hours. What did you do after that? Clinton: Well, I had my whole team come over to my house and we sat around eating Indian food and drinking wine and beer. 9 It was great.

      Maddow: And was it like, “Let’s just talk about TV, let’s not talk about what just happened?”

      Clinton: Yes. Yes, 10 It was great just to have that chance to thank them because they did a terrific job, you know, kind of being there behind me and getting me ready. Part II Vocabulary (10 points)

      Directions: In this part there are ten sentences, each with one word or phrase underlined. Choose the one from the four choices marked A, B, C and D that best keeps the meaning of the sentence. Mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

      11. The specially developed skin paint will wear off in 2-4 days, but can be removed instantly with alcohol.

      A. remain B. dry C. work D. disappear

      12. She was tired of his constant complaining and didn’t want to tolerate him anymore.

      A. catch up to B. put up with C. come up with D. live up to

      13. The supporters of either party have rationalized their own opinion in terms of argument.

      A. with regard to B. in contrast to C. in addition to D. as opposed to

      14. How is it possible that such widespread deception has come to take place right under our noses?

      A. delay B. damage C. fraud D. shock.

      15. It is not yet clear whether the decision of data at the troubled bank was accidental or deliberate.

      A. obvious B. intentional C. surprising D. foolish

      16. When required to eat vegetables, many children only do so reluctantly.

      A. automatically B. anxiously C. obediently D. unwillingly

      17. Recently, the Internet has given rise to a new type of marketplace.

      A. created B. conceived C. increased D. improved

      18. Another 1,000 workers were dismissed when the machinery plant was in difficulties.

      A. taken off B. driven off C. put off D. laid off

      19. Credit creates the false idea that you can own things without paying for them.

      A. image B. illusion C. imagination D. impression

      20. For the audience to better understand the new concept, the professor elaborated it with many examples.

      A. summarized B. concluded. C. classified D. explained.




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